Picture of Shannon J. Gregg, PhD
Shannon J. Gregg, PhD

Shannon J. Gregg, PhD, MBA, is an aficionado of sales technology to increase efficiency in the sales process, and an early adopter and adoption influencer for sales technology systems, particularly Salesforce.com and technology that integrates with the Salesforce platform.

Dr. Gregg is the president of Cloud Adoption Solutions, a sales process and Salesforce.com consulting practice, and she also provides keynote talks, consulting and workshops on sales productivity. Her popular book, “It’s About Time,” is available now, and is being used by sales teams across the country to refocus on what’s really important to drive revenue and results. She also instructs the Professional Selling course at Point Park University.

Shannon delights sales teams, sales management, and executive sponsors with her ability to improve sales to drive results. She earned her BA from the University of Pittsburgh, her MBA in Management and her PhD in Community Engagement from Point Park University. Her dissertation topic was “How Diffusion of Innovations, Change Management, and Adult Learner User Adoption Theories Impact Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Adoption and Usage in Nonprofit Organizations.” She also competes on a jazz dance team for moms.