Picture of Judi Sohn
Judi Sohn

From grassroots advocacy to global impact, Judi’s journey epitomizes passion and purpose. She began her career leading advocacy organizations like Fight Colorectal Cancer. Thanks to the many Salesforce questions she answers in public forums and consistent presentations at community events, she was one of the earliest named Salesforce MVPs in 2011. Joining Salesforce in 2015, Judi launched transformative programs like the Salesforce.org Community Commons while leading an Industries Customer Centric Engineering team. In 2023, she joined Beyond the Horizon Technology as Principal Solution Consultant, where she continues to empower nonprofits with innovative solutions while serving as co-leader of her local Salesforce user group. A Salesforce Hall of Fame member and All-Star Ranger with 13 Salesforce certifications, Judi is an expert knitter in her spare time. She weaves technology, advocacy, and compassion to create lasting change.