Picture of Christine Stevens
Christine Stevens

Christine is a seasoned senior consultant within the Salesforce ecosystem, boasting over seven years of experience as a business analyst. With a specialization in data management and sharing, she has been pivotal in optimizing processes and enhancing visibility for numerous clients.

Beyond her professional achievements, Christine brings a unique perspective to the table. Having faced a six-month period of unemployment in 2023 and a month and a half period of unemployment in 2024, she underwent a transformative journey, learning to navigate the job market while prioritizing her mental well-being. Through her personal experiences, she has gained valuable insights into maintaining equilibrium amidst professional challenges.

At the upcoming conference, Christine will share her story and expertise on navigating a tough Salesforce market, offering practical advice on managing career transitions while safeguarding mental health. Her resilient spirit and candid approach promises to inspire and empower attendees.

Outside the realm of Salesforce, Christine leads a rich and diverse life. As a devoted wife, dog owner, and avid Peloton user, she values balance and holistic well-being. Her passions extend to PC gaming and indulging in the written word, reflecting her multifaceted personality and commitment to lifelong learning.