The ultimate Swiss Army knife – How custom metadata turns you into admin MacGyver

Do you remember MacGyver? He found himself in so many situations where he had only his wits and a Swiss Army Knife to save the day. It came with so many cool gadgets and tools that he never found himself in a situation he couldn’t handle as long as it was in his pocket. Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a tool like that as a Salesforce admin? Well, you do! custom metadata is as easy to configure as a custom object and flexible enough to help you solve so many challenges that your company will swear you’re the next MacGyver! Join this session to learn what custom metadata is, follow along as we set up and demo a custom metadata object for a common admin use case, and share other ideas for how you can leverage this incredibly versatile tool as a Salesforce admin!

Main Downstairs 10:15 — 11am Michelle Hansen Michelle Hansen