Salesforce for the people: Change management and user centered design

It is very easy to get so excited by the technology that you forget about who will be using it: People. We talk all day long about what the system needs and what the business wants that people often get left behind. So what do the people do? They dislike the tools they are given. They work around the system instead of in it. They have low morale and leave for greener pastures.

So what is the alternative? Take the time to listen to what the people need. Set them up for success with training and supporting materials that are easy to understand and actionable. Create feedback loops so that they can contribute to the tools that shape their work every day.

During this talk we will discuss:

  • How to begin a project with change management in mind
  • Techniques for including the right people in discovery
  • Tips and tricks for making Salesforce easier for your people
  • How training can be so much more than just webinars and user guides
  • …and more
Upstairs Loft 2 — 2:45pm Eliza Hammer Gage Eliza Hammer Gage